Modern castle in Teplice - Valy

We are pleased to exclusively offer You a dominant building of Small Paris - Castle Letna, which was built in the XVIII century and later used by Emperor Franz Joseph. The local tower fell like from a fairy tale, from a height of twenty-five meters You will see not only the adjacent Letna Park, besides, You can admire the view on the whole Teplice, Czech Ore Mountains and Central Highlands.

Luxury hotel Neptun in spa-part of Teplice

We want to offer you this luxury hotel, which is located in the best locality of Teplice - Shanov. Hotel has 4 stars and his name is Giovanni Giacomo. Built-up area is 933 square meters, 3 floors + basement floor. Land area - 1144 square meters. Information about price can be obtained from the real estate agents of Azhur.

Apartment in villa, Teplice

The apartment is in great condition, renovated, including a new kitchen, heating and hot water gas boiler. That bid apartment abounds with benefits associated with purchase - the owner of the apartment becomes a co-owner of the entire villa and beautiful grounds with swimming pool. Price is 2 990 000 CZK.

Want to sell

Our company offers you the possibility to sell your property (or your estate) with the help of our experts. We deal with both the flats in cooperative and personal property, as well as houses, land, commercial real estate, and not only that. Our company offers complete settlement of the whole process of selling real estate.

So how sales process work? First on your property come to see a professional agent, who also takes high quality photos, speaks with you about the process and discuss the perfect price. Then we advertise the property on all more or less well-known domestic advertising sites (or even print if you wish).

The main difference from our competitors is that we do not advertise only on Czech websites, but also many foreign-language portals, such as Russian, English, German, Ukrainian, Israeli and others. Our website is also a three-lingual, making the chances of selling your property increases rapidly, due to the larger number of people will know about the property, than if you work with any competitor.

Once your property attracts potential buyer, we arrange the tour at the appropriate hour for you, and present property to the buyer. When he decides to buy it, our company will arrange all necessary legal services, including contracts, custody, as well as services of a professional lawyer.

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