Modern castle in Teplice - Valy

We are pleased to exclusively offer You a dominant building of Small Paris - Castle Letna, which was built in the XVIII century and later used by Emperor Franz Joseph. The local tower fell like from a fairy tale, from a height of twenty-five meters You will see not only the adjacent Letna Park, besides, You can admire the view on the whole Teplice, Czech Ore Mountains and Central Highlands.

Luxury hotel Neptun in spa-part of Teplice

We want to offer you this luxury hotel, which is located in the best locality of Teplice - Shanov. Hotel has 4 stars and his name is Giovanni Giacomo. Built-up area is 933 square meters, 3 floors + basement floor. Land area - 1144 square meters. Information about price can be obtained from the real estate agents of Azhur.

Apartment in villa, Teplice

The apartment is in great condition, renovated, including a new kitchen, heating and hot water gas boiler. That bid apartment abounds with benefits associated with purchase - the owner of the apartment becomes a co-owner of the entire villa and beautiful grounds with swimming pool. Price is 2 990 000 CZK.

Real estate

[01926] Luxury villa in Teplice, Šanov
The subject of this offer is a magnificent villa located in the most prestigious and beautiful part of the spa town of Teplice, Šanov, just a few minutes walk from the springs. The property was built in 1895 and is after a comprehensive, expensive reconstruction (in 2001 and 2017). Total area - 870 m2, land area 1700 m2. The villa is equipped with new Italian furniture of the highest quality, the floor is covered with fine decorative parquets, the ceilings are decorated with stucco and gilding.The house has a total of 14 rooms. On the first floor there is a bedroom, office, dressing room, social hall, wellness with sauna, kitchen, bathroom, 2 toilets, utility room for cleaning.On the second floor - kitchen, dining room, living room with marble fireplace, library, bedroom, loggia, dressing room, bathroom, toilet.On the third floor - attic, 2 bathrooms with toilets, 3 bedrooms, billiard room, 3 balconies.Price: 36.000.000 CZK.

[02065] Luxury four-room apartment in Teplice
We are very pleased to offer You a luxury apartment, which is located in the best area of Teplice, U Hadích Lázní street, Šanov area. The apartment is located on the third floor of a beautiful, renovated villa with an elevator. The total area of a flat is 122.7 m2, the apartment is in perfect condition, four spacious rooms and a separate kitchen.The price is 4.600.000,- CZK

[01648] Villa in Šanov, Teplice
Villa in the best area of Teplice, built in the thirties of the last century, is located in a park, next to the botanical garden. The resort area of the city, very rarely there are villas for sale. A calm, quiet, green place. The villa is in perfect condition, after a high-quality renovation.The price is 15.700.000 crowns.

[01102] Three-room apartment in Teplice, Shanov 2
We would like to offer you exclusively a three-room apartment in private ownership, which is located in very good Teplice district - Šanov II. The apartment has an area of 68 square meters, is in good, maintained condition. Three rooms, kitchen separately + large loggia. Price - 1 180 000 crowns.

[00764] Teplice - Ant. Sochora, land 1200 m2
We would like to offer you the land, which is located in Teplice, Antonín Sochor Street, housing estate - Šanov 2. Total area - 1250 square meters. All networks on or near the property. Price - 2 225 000 crowns.

[01792] Apartment house, Teplice, Shanov
We are offering an apartment house, which is located in the best area of ​​the resort town of Teplice - Shanov. Total area - 400 square meters, there are 4 flats here. The house is brick, in very good condition. The price is 10 400 000 crowns.

[01913] Four-room apartment in the center of Teplice
We are glad to offer to your attention a four-room apartment in private property, which is located in the center of the resort town - Teplice. The apartment is in excellent condition, after repair. The total area of ​​125 square meters. Four rooms, separate kitchen, bathroom with toilet, separate toilet, balcony. Excellent infrastructure. Price - 3,550,000 CZK.

[01876] Luxury four-room apartment in Teplice, Shanov, Spa area
Luxury four-room apartment in the resort area - Shanov, Teplice. Four rooms, separate kitchen and attic floor, where you can make another apartment. The total area is 178 square meters. The price is 5 200 000 crowns.

[01877] Three-room apartment, Teplice
We are pleased to offer to your attention a three-room apartment with a separate kitchen, the total area is 96 square meters in Spa-city, Teplice. Brick villa in excellent condition, as the apartment itself. Price - 3 250 000 CZK.

[01879] 3+1, Shanov, Private ownersip
In the area of Shanov we offer for sale three-room apartment in private ownership. The ground floor of a brick villa (excellent condition, as is the apartment itself). Total area - 118 square meters. The apartment has 3 rooms, separate kitchen and 2 toilets. The price is 4.650.000 CZK.